Am Tierpark - Sleeping Gods Video Premier

Distortion's own Am Tierpark has put together another phenomenal video for their album Uncaged.  Enjoy the sepia tones that pair so well with Claus' voice and John's electronics. 

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New EP Available From Swedish Band Unitary

Distortion Productions, LLC is proud to announce that we are distributing the new EP by Unitary, entitled Unafraid here in the US. Grab it for 9.99 right here. Remixes by Assemblage 23, Autodefah, Acretongue and Dekad.

Unitary is the brainchild of Johan Hansson coming all the way from Sweden! A sound mixture in between early covenant and modern influences of bans such as Assemblage 23, VNV Nation or Diorama. The Front man himself chooses to call their music Emotional Body Music, which is actually a very accurate description. “Unafraid is about the one fundamental emotion of fear, and its byproducts taking over many parts of the globe. The message is to remain unyielding, to be what you want to be and not to let forces come falling like shadows over your path.” Incredibly emotional & impacting lyrics, crystal clear as well as slightly processed vocals, pounding melodies, melancholic overtures, and addictive song structures create the backbone of Unitary and immediately place this project at the forefront of leading electronically based music. Seven tracks on one EP far away from todays uninspired electro hear-a-likes! Innovative electronic pop music with an edge!
Grab it here!

En Esch Interviewed By RE-GEN Magazine

Excerpt from full interview on RE-GEN's site: 

"What can be said about En Esch that hasn’t already been said? A renowned producer and performer, honing his skills as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist since the early ’80, his list of credits has seen him become one of the legendary figures in the underground electro/industrial music scene. He was a core member of KMFDM throughout the band’s tenure during the WaxTrax! era of the ’80s and ’90s. He has appeared on nearly every Pigface release, playing a prominent role in the industrial collective’s first and last albums, 1990’s Gub and 2009’s 6, respectively. With his former KMFDM band mate, guitarist Günter Schulz..."

Continue to read the full interview here!

Tenek's new EP, 'What Kind of Friend?'

Tenek's new EP, 'What Kind of Friend?' will be available from mid-Sept DIGITAL RELEASE ONLY. 

1. What Kind of Friend? - Radio Edit
2. What Kind of Friend? - Grayed Out Remix (Remixed by Andy Gray)
3. What Kind of Friend? - Miami Odyssey Synthporn Mix (Remixed by Martin Swan/Vile Electrodes)
4. Sombre Friday - Alternate Mix (Remixed by Geoff Pinckney)

Photography: Simon Watson Photography & Live music
photography by John Newstead
Cover Art: Digital Artistry by Cheri Freund

The Dark Clan Release Official Video for "40 Is the New Sexx"

As promised, Distortion Productions' The Dark Clan has released another official video for a track off of their upcoming album Hall of Fame.

Check out the awesome video for "40 Is the New Sexx" below. And order your copy of Hall of Fame today because we'll ship it immediately! Get it well before the official September 4 release date and be the coolest kid on the block! (People still say that these days, right?!...)

New Artist Signing

Tenek Joins the Distortion Productions Family!

We are pleased to announce that Tenek has signed with Distortion Productions for the North American release of their upcoming album Smoke and Mirrors! We are so excited to have Tenek join our close-knit family of artists after forming ties during the production of Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence.

Tenek is the electronic project of Peter Steer and Geoff Pinckney, formed in the UK in 2007. They have produced and released two albums and eight singles/EPs. Tenek is all about hard-grinding electro grooves: it’s a powerhouse that combines classic British synthpop with driving guitar, producing a unique crossover which satisfies the cult electro scene while retaining mass-market appeal through its melodies and hooks. This high-energy act has a considerable following in the UK, Europe, and Russia and has toured with artists including John Foxx, Gary Numan, Toyah, The Human League, Republica, De/Vision, A Flock Of Seagulls, Iris and Assemblage 23.

Tenek will also contribute to Electronic Saviors 4 with "Chameleon," a new and exclusive track. Be sure to follow Electronic Saviors on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on that!

And follow Distortion Productions here and on Facebook and Twitter for more news about the Smoke and Mirrors release soon!

Payday Pre-Orders for The Dark Clan and Stoneburner!

Ahh, Friday—one of our favorite days of the week! Beginning today worldwide, new music will now be released on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. And it definitely works better for us, because now we can blow our paychecks on fresh tunes as soon as they hit our bank accounts!

What are we spending our paychecks on this week, you might ask? Easy! Two of our acts have new albums set to release this fall, and they’re up on the site for pre-order!

First, reserve your copy of Hall of Fame by The Dark Clan. The album will ship in September.

Next, put in your order for The Mouse Shadow by Stoneburner.

Remember, pre-order items ship early, so you might get them in hand before they even hit shelves!

And to hold you over until then, snatch something from our Distro collection.

Ahh, Friday—who needs to pay bills, anyway?!

The Dark Clan Releases Official Video for “Pakas Taabarats”

Distortion Productions’ own The Dark Clan has released another official video for a track off their upcoming album, Hall of Fame. Check out the video for “Pakas Taabarats” below:

Be sure to stop back by because we’ll be posting a new The Dark Clan video each month until the entirety of Hall of Fame has been portrayed.

Until the next one, though, pre-order the album to have it ship directly to you in September!

The Dark Clan Release Official Video For "Unheilschwanger Boom"

From their upcoming album Hall Of Fame enjoy "Unheilschwanger Boom!"

We are legion. Official video for our song "Unheilschwanger Boom," available on our album Hall Of Fame, coming September 4th, 2015 on Distortion Records and at all your favorite digital retailers. Lyrics for "Unheilschwanger Boom" by The Dark Clan ========================================= You come into my house?

Show Update: Join Us This Sunday!

It's almost time for the next Distortion show!

While Velvet Acid Christ was supposed to headline this show, the act had to pull out of the show due to a medical family emergency. VAC regrets he cannot perform and sends his apologies--and we 100% support the decision and wish him and his family the absolute best!

But don't let that stop you from supporting the other fantastic bands as they put on a killer show for us in VAC's absence!

This Sunday, June 14, please join us at Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh as we welcome our own Stoneburner to the stage! Stoneburner will be opening for Ego Likeness, Mindless Faith, and headliner Caustic.

Doors are at 8 p.m. Buy your advance tickets here for $15 or pay $20 at the door of this 21+ show. RSVP on our Facebook event page, and as always, stop by the merch booth to pick up t-shirts, albums, and other memorabilia while you say hi to the bands and your Distortion friends! See you there!

Distortion Productions Signs Am Tierpark!

Distortion Productions is overjoyed to announce the signing of Am Tierpark, the new synthpop project of Claus Larsen (of Leæther Strip/Klutæ/Sequential Access) and John Mirland (of Mirland & Holm/Mirland)! We couldn't be more delighted to add them to our little family!

We will release Am Tierpark's debut album in November. Can't wait that long? Listen to their track "Tension" below--and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook to stay connected to all things Am Tierpark!

About Am Tierpark:

Am Tierpark is a two-piece synthpop band featuring the vocals of Claus Larsen and the programming/keys of John Mirland. They write:

"We both share the love for pure melodic synth based music and the classic synths, and on a fine sunny spring day April 9th 2015, while walking and chatting about music and watching the animals in Berlin Tierpark we formed Am Tierpark. We had a gig the day after at Berlin's fine K-17 club as Leaether Strip and Holm/Mirland.

We create and want to make music that is not over produced and drenched in effects. We want to present the sounds, melodies and lyrics crispy clear to the listener. This band is all about the love of a good melody, synths and lyrics that will move the listener. Our first album is just about finished and it's been an amazing ride so far, because we truly are musical soulmates.

Hugs, Claus & John"