A podcast highlighting Distortion Productions' releases.

Jim and Chase talk about The Dark Clan—the first act they signed. When looking at their latest epic, Hall Of Fame, they discuss the album's emotional range, musical influences and the level of self awareness that seems to comes with each track. Tracks: 40 Is The New Sexx, Homecoming, Pakas Taabarats. 

Jim and Chase discuss boxed warning's latest, the I Have Been Terrible EP, and the stunning live show, as well as the many exciting upcoming projects from Distortion Productions.  Tracks: 737 (Terror Firma Sky Remix), I Have Been Terrible (Rein[Forced] Remix), Collision (Stoneburner Remix). 

Jim and Chase sit down and discuss how Dope Stars Inc.'s Terapunk celebrates punk music, and manages to be nostalgic and completely cutting edge at the same time. Preview Tracks: Many Thanks, Spider Claw, Dressed Inside Your Fear.

In our first episode we discuss En Esch's incredible new solo album SPÄNK! Preview Tracks: 12345, Soul to Steal, Do Me, SPÄNK.