Payday Pre-Orders for The Dark Clan and Stoneburner!

Ahh, Friday—one of our favorite days of the week! Beginning today worldwide, new music will now be released on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. And it definitely works better for us, because now we can blow our paychecks on fresh tunes as soon as they hit our bank accounts!

What are we spending our paychecks on this week, you might ask? Easy! Two of our acts have new albums set to release this fall, and they’re up on the site for pre-order!

First, reserve your copy of Hall of Fame by The Dark Clan. The album will ship in September.

Next, put in your order for The Mouse Shadow by Stoneburner.

Remember, pre-order items ship early, so you might get them in hand before they even hit shelves!

And to hold you over until then, snatch something from our Distro collection.

Ahh, Friday—who needs to pay bills, anyway?!