Panic Lift and Red Lokust Join Forces for Exclusive Track, "Constructed Cold" for TFcon Chicago.

"Respect the Prime 2: Tales of the Wrecked" has been in the works at Distortion Productions for a while now and is set for release in the Summer of 2019.  Before we get to that, Distortion will release a 5 song EP exclusively for TFcon Chicago and mail order here at entitled "Constructed Cold".  The title track brings together New Jersey's Panic Lift (Metropolis Records) with Pennsylvania's Red Lokust (Distortion Prod). The song is based on IDW comics "Death of Optimus Prime" one shot and More Than Meets the Eye #1.  The other tracks on the EP will serve as a teaser for the upcoming Respect the Prime album.  Artists include Tragic Impulse, boxed warning, Third Realm, Red Lokust and thoughtForm.  Watch for more news and teases regarding the Constructed Cold EP soon.