Electronic Saviors to Donate 15K to Various Charities, Breaks 70K Total and Will Expand to Include Mental Health/Suicide Prevention!

We here at Distortion Productions are so proud to announce that this coming December, Electronic Saviors will make donations to a few charities for the grand total of $15K. The charities include The Medical and Health Sciences Foundation at the University of Pittsburgh c/o Dr. David Medich. Most of you know him as the guy who performed the surgery to remove the cancer of Jim Semonik. He is the head of the colorectal cancer dept at Pitt. The next charity is called Cap For Kids (http://www.capforkids.org/). This charity helps kids with cancer. People cosplay as superheroes and visit kids affected by the disease.

Finally, going forward, Electronic Saviors will be expanding it’s focus and will include mental health/suicide prevention. A donation to Darkest Before Dawn (http://www.db4d.org/) is on deck for this. Darkest before dawn focuses on Suicide Prevention for the workers of the nightlife industry who suffer from depression.

Electronic Saviors 5 and the previous volumes as well as the Respect the Prime Comps have now donated $71,712!

Vol 1-$23,162

Vol 2-$10,000

Vol 3-$10,000

Vol 4/Respect the Prime-$12,000

Vol 5/Respect the Prime-$15,000

Misc Pittsburgh Marathon Donations/Gofund Me-$1550

Grand total $71,712

Volume 6 submissions will open in January. We at Distortion and Electronic Saviors would like to thank all of the bands (OVER 400), labels, promoters, magazines and organizers that have supported and helped us in this tremendous endeavor. The future is very bright!

Much Love and Respect,

Sir Jim Semonik, OMS and Chase Dudley