Respect the Prime: Convention Edition Announced with Artwork by IDW Comics Talent!

Last year's popular tribute compilation Respect the Prime is getting a face lift.  As a thank you to the wonderful fans and supporters, Distortion Productions has enlisted the amazing talent of IDW Comics' Nick Roche and colorist Josh Perez for a truly stunning new package.  The new CD, which will be available exclusively at TFcon Toronto (July 14-16) and TFcon DC (Sept 29-Oct 1) as well as Dark Side of the Con 2 (March 16-18 in 2018) will contain 2 BRAND NEW bonus tracks from the band thoughtForm, new liner notes and artwork. For those that are unfamiliar, Respect the Prime came out last Summer for the 30th anniversary of the 1986 animated movie. It included licensed cover songs of the original Transformers: The Movie soundtrack by such bands as Xenturion Prime, Bella Morte, Caustic, Ghostfeeder, Victor Love and more. This cd will be a physical only, limited to 300 copies release strictly for the fans and proceeds will be donated to cancer research.  A very limited amount will be available right here on the Distortion website for non attendees while supplies last.  A special tour edition t shirt will also be made.

Since it's inception, the Electronic Saviors series has raised nearly 60K for various cancer charities and suffering individuals worldwide.  Distortion Productions is proud to have Nick and Josh on board so let's give a little background on these gentlemen.  Ireland's Nick Roche has been a staple of the Transformers comics since very early on in IDW's license of the brand.  He co wrote (with TF: More Than Meets the Eye/Lost Light scribe James Roberts) the fan favorite Last Stand of the Wreckers and the sequel series Sins of the Wreckers. Nick is responsible for the artwork as well in those titles and is also responsible for the early designs of the More Than Meets the Eye series along with fellow artist Alex Milne. He has also done work for Marvel Comics including but not limited to the Death's Head one shot that was part of the Revolutionary War crossover. He also worked on the independent title: Monster Motors.

Josh Perez is a vet in Transformers comics and has been coloring them all the way back to when Dreamwave had the license.  He currently is working on a Rom/Transformers limited series for IDW due this Summer and you can see his amazing work all across the IDW continuity, most notably his long run on the Robots in Disguise series.  Josh is an incredible talent and we are so happy to have worked with him.

Lastly, Distortion's own graphics guru, Jason Wolf in on design duties and has put together a truly breath taking package.  Jason has been the face of Distortion Productions for many years including concert fliers and the previous Respect the Prime CD package.

Pre orders for attendees and non attendees will begin shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled.  We have also put a little surprise in the liner notes mentioning a special announcement about the future of Respect the Prime.  Thank you to all the bands and artists involved with this wonderful project.  It's only the beginning.  Till All Are One!