Dope Stars Inc. CD / T-shirt Combo


Drop Dead Gorgeous Prozac Addicted 

This exclusive reprinting of the very fist Dope Stars inc. t-shirt (only 20 where ever made) features a slick design and come bundled with their newest album Terapunk.   


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Check out our podcast for a preview of this album.

TeraPunk is the fifth album of the cyberpunk rock band Dope Stars Inc. The new album is a mix of industrial, rock, and electro music with a raw punk attitude. TeraPunk is a recording that mixes real and artificial sounds such as live guitars, bass, and drums meshed together with e-guitars, programmed drums, and loops to create a deep cocktail of rock and electro music. The new album will include ten new songs and Distortion Productions is proud to release the U.S. edition of this epic masterpiece.

1    It's going to rain for you         
2    Many Thanks      
3    Don't wanna know   
4    Take it       
5    Do it Yourself        
6    Along with you        
7    You have no chance       
8    Dressed Inside Your Fear            
9    Spider Claw     
10    The Believer       

Includes T-shirt.