Dan Clark’s The Dark Clan (do you see what he did there?!) is a Milwaukee, WI, indie electronic rock trio founded in 1998. Though the band has toured as numerable incarnations, the core group is rounded out by Lane and Mercy. The three musicians share songwriting, play synths, and contribute both lead and backing vocals, while Dan leads on the guitar and programming fronts. Dan himself has a degree in music composition from the University of Wisconsin School of Music, and in his career he has gained much experience in all aspects of music production, from recording and engineering to mixing and mastering. He is sought after to collaborate with, remix, and produce for other well-known alternative electronic artists but is quick to credit Lane and Mercy with "keep[ing] the ship on course" when it comes to The Dark Clan.

The Dark Clan has toured with the likes of Null Device and has released five full-length albums, the last of which (Hall of Fame) was proudly released on Distortion Productions. With a cult following, and rightly so due to Dan Clark’s tongue-in-cheek humor and geek cred, The Dark Clan’s music is wide-ranging, catchy, and danceable while exploring lyrical themes ranging from the human psyche and life’s woes to dark music’s ever-present theme of death. It’s no wonder The Dark Clan lives up to its slogan: "Seriously. Fun. Music."