The writer, artist, and multi-instrumentalist Steven Archer may best be known as a founding member of the band Ego Likeness, but in 2012, his solo side project Stoneburner stormed the scene. Channeling inspiration from Frank Herbert’s visionary Dune novels, the project is Archer’s attempt to sonically capture the convergence of technology and tribalism in Herbert’s famed universe. Stoneburner offers a unique blend of tribal instrumentation and world vocalizations with experimental electronic dance ambience, and its live shows build on this convergence of the organic and the electronic by often incorporating tribal fusion belly dance with trance-inducing video visualizations.

Stoneburner has shared the stage with acts such as Assemblage 23, Velvet Acid Christ, Mindless Faith, and Cyanotic. Distortion Productions has proudly released two Stoneburner albums—a re-issue of 2013’s originally self-released The No Chamber and 2014’s Songs in the Key of Arrakis—as well as a digital download of the Sisters of Isolation single.