Sensuous Enemy Joins Distortion Productions for New REBIRTH EP and Album!!

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We are excited to announce the signing of Sensuous Enemy from Madison, WI. SE have been longtime friends since we met them in Chicago in 2011. They have been frequent contributors to our Electronic Saviors series and will be featured on the upcoming Volume 6. Distortion Productions cannot wait to help them unleash their new REBIRTH EP upon the world on Nov 1st with a follow up full length album in 2020.

More info about Sensuous Enemy can be found below!

Sensuous Enemy is a female-fronted darkwave electronic band led by the powerful voice of JAI, whose lyrics, melodies and soaring vocals stand out in the electronic scene. Sensuous Enemy blends driving drum sequences, EBM synth lines, orchestral strings, piano, and vocal harmonies to create a sound that stands apart. The band adds live electric rhythm guitar, drums, and brilliant lighting to create a sublime and compelling stage presence.

Sensuous Enemy is comprised of JAI [vocals/piano/lyrics], John Freriks [programmer/guitars], Bob Hensley [programmer/synths], and Katja Lunde [synths/guitars]. The band began in 2004 and released their first album ‘Deadly Sins’ in 2006 on Sonic Mainline Records, which won Best Electronic Album of the Year at the 2007 Madison Area Music Awards.

In 2008 Sensuous Enemy completed their full length CD "Fragments", which was recorded and produced by Wade Alin of The Atomica Project/Christ Analogue in Chicago, IL. “Fragments” was also chosen as one of the Top 10 CD's of 2008 by Madison’s Isthmus newspaper and SE won Best Electronic Artist of the Year at the 2008 Madison Area Music Awards. In 2009, Sensuous Enemy went on to win Best Electronic Album of the Year for “Fragments” and Best Electronic Song of the Year for “Over” at the 2009 Madison Area Music Awards.

All this only paved a stronger path for the band’s future. In 2010, Sensuous Enemy returned with a new EP, “Parity”, on the label Radio Active Music. “Parity” contained three original songs—including their club hit “Intentions” and their Goddess of Death metal inspired song “Kali”—along with numerous hard dance-floor remixes by artists such as Heliosphere, CTRLSHFT, and The Dark Clan.

In September 2013, Sensuous Enemy shifted gears into a more sophisticated and silky sound embodied in the digital release of their single track, “Sirens of the Sea.” This single was accompanied by killer remixes from I:Scintilla, Endless Blue, Loss, I.X.XI and Killcrop. It was only a preview for what was to come on their next full length CD titled “Voyager”, released in November of 2013. This time, their album was recorded, mixed, and produced by Dan Clark of The Dark Clan with vocal recording and mastering by Eric Oehler of Null Device at Submersible Studios. Voyager was released on their new label Nilaihah Records.

In 2014, Sensuous Enemy took some time off to pursue other interests, but now after a five-year hiatus, they are back together again making music and looking forward to releasing their next album. During the first half of 2019, SE began working on three new songs that will be featured on their new EP "Rebirth". This new EP was recorded and mixed by Jim Marcus out of Chicago, IL and mastered by Eric Oehler of Null Device at Submersible Studios. “Rebirth” is being released on Distortion Productions label managed by Jim Simonik and Chase Dudley.

SE has played shows across the midwest and on the east coast with Covenant, Assemblage 23, Imperative Reaction, Combichrist, Rotersand, Android Lust, Razed in Black, Iris, Caustic, Stromkern, Hungry Lucy, Null Device, The Azoic, C/A/T, I:Scintilla, and many others! They have also played numerous midwest music festivals such as Reverence 2005 - 2008, the Madison Electronic Music Festival, and Sound n Fury I and II in Wisconsin, WTII Showcases in Chicago, Elektrofest in Cleveland, OH and much more.

Cop International and Distortion Productions Join Forces For New Deathline International Album!!

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Big news here at Distortion!!! We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with COP International Records. COP has been a major influence on us here at Distortion and we’ve been a fan of everything they’ve released for over 20 years. We are extremely honored to enter into a new partnership with them to release the brand new Deathline International album, Pax Americana!!!

Th3chount (aka Christian Petke), the driving creative force behind the band Deathline International and the mastermind behind the record label COP International, is set to launch his latest sonic missile in the form of their new album Pax Americana.  With their long history of guitar-driven, emotionally intense songs, Deathline International has made their mark on the industrial music scene world-wide.  This new album welcomes legendary producer John Fryer into the mix.  Pax Americana provides a healthy dose of aggressive reality in the music and vocals paired with vivid production elements reminiscent of Fryer’s engineering strengths in mixing guitar for bands such as Stabbing Westward, Fields of the Nephilim, and Die Krupps, as well as his synth brilliance working with bands such as Fad Gadget, Moev, Yazoo, and Nine Inch Nails.  Their dynamic pairing has created a multi-layered album that is as intense and aggressive as it is beautiful in its raw descriptions of the world around us.

The title of their new album is derived from the historical reference of Pax Ramona, a cautionary tale resulting from a period of relative peace within the Roman empire that came out of a long history of wars and revolts only when a strong leader emerged.  Petke’s Pax Americana calls for a return of America to a positive global force at a time when the country has been recently scarred by questionable leadership.  This album challenges our society to face the darkness politically and socially around us to create a culture where prosperity can become common again.  Song topics range from political strife and climate change through the formation and demise of relationships.  Connecting on an intense human level, Pax Americana is packed with dance floor grooves paired with heavy guitars and vocals that will bring up feelings of rage, passion, and pain.

 Christian Petke began the record label COP International in Frankfurt, Germany in 1991 and set up shop in Oakland, California to continue his goal of bringing quality electro-industrial music to the masses.  In the past 16 years, he has focused on propelling the careers of artists like Diatribe, Soil & Eclipse, Battery, Oneiroid Psychosis, and The Razor Skyline in addition to producing an impressive number of diverse compilation albums including New Life, Electronic Challenge, and the Diva X Machina series. 

After the decision to refocus creative energies back into the band, Deathline International’s new album Pax Americana shows why this long-standing industrial project is a must have for those who are fans of the genre.  In addition to Th3count on vocals and programming, this new album also features the talents of Slam on guitar and keyboards, James Perry on guitar, and John Fryer who provides additional aural stimulation.  Pax Americana pushes past the band’s previous material to provide a unique experience for listeners that will take them on a journey through a world of strife that calls out in hopes for a better future.

Synthcore Dreams Launches Indiegogo Campaign!!


The new project, Synthcore Dreams has launched a new fundraiser on Indiegogo to fund the comic book/CD compilation project. Darkest Before Dawn, Distortion Productions and Electronic Saviors are all sponsoring this release. Synthcore Dreams will feature exclusive material from Chemlab, 16Volt, Acumen Nation, Leather Strip, Red Lokust, Hate Dept, Society Burning, SMP and much more. Additional info and a link to the campaign itself can be found below.

Synthcore Dreams, a comic that will spread the gospel of industrial music. Profits will benefit Darkest Before Dawn, a suicide prevention charity...AND Electronic Saviors, an incredible cancer charity. It features a tribute to the late great Jamie Duffy and an awesome lineup of participating bands. A wild post apocalyptic story with lots of action, comedy, tragedy and a little bit of a large helping of craziness!

Check out the campaign here!

Esther Black to Play SXSW Industrial Showcase!!

We are proud to announce that Esther Black has been selected to play a special showcase at South by South West. The fest was put together by Phildo Owen of Skatenigs and Revolting Cocks. Other acts appearing are John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise, Curse Mackey, Skatenigs, Project 44 and David Boring. Martin Atkins (Pigface, NIN, Killing Joke, PIL etc) will be the MC!!! There will be plenty of Distortion Productions cds and other giveaways on hand.


Distortion Proudly Welcomes NYC's INTERFACE to the Label Roster!!!

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Active since 1993, Interface is based in New York and is one of the area's longest lived underground electronic music acts. Founded by producer/programmer/vocalist Eric Eldredge, the lineup is currently rounded out by Jon Billian on synths and programming and Justin Parker on live drums. The band has released five studio albums, contributed to a number of compilations and remixes, and performed countless tour dates and festivals over a 25-year career.

Interface caught the attention of Distortion owner and Electronic Saviors creator, Jim Semonik back in 2006. Eric and Jim became fast friends and Interface went on to contribute some of the most acclaimed tracks to the Electronic Saviors compilation series including the hits “Never Say Farewell”, “My Promise” and “Pathfinder”. Distortion is very delighted at the inclusion of Interface to the family. It’s a match made in the future!

Interface will release their sixth studio album, Where All Roads Lead, on Distortion Productions in mid-2019.

Prior Discography:

Tinman Records:

The Artemis Complex (1999)

Angels In Disguise (2002)

Nilaihah Records:

Beyond Humanity (2006)

Visions Of Modern Life (2009)

The Perfect World (2013)

Electronic Saviors to Donate 15K to Various Charities, Breaks 70K Total and Will Expand to Include Mental Health/Suicide Prevention!

We here at Distortion Productions are so proud to announce that this coming December, Electronic Saviors will make donations to a few charities for the grand total of $15K. The charities include The Medical and Health Sciences Foundation at the University of Pittsburgh c/o Dr. David Medich. Most of you know him as the guy who performed the surgery to remove the cancer of Jim Semonik. He is the head of the colorectal cancer dept at Pitt. The next charity is called Cap For Kids ( This charity helps kids with cancer. People cosplay as superheroes and visit kids affected by the disease.

Finally, going forward, Electronic Saviors will be expanding it’s focus and will include mental health/suicide prevention. A donation to Darkest Before Dawn ( is on deck for this. Darkest before dawn focuses on Suicide Prevention for the workers of the nightlife industry who suffer from depression.

Electronic Saviors 5 and the previous volumes as well as the Respect the Prime Comps have now donated $71,712!

Vol 1-$23,162

Vol 2-$10,000

Vol 3-$10,000

Vol 4/Respect the Prime-$12,000

Vol 5/Respect the Prime-$15,000

Misc Pittsburgh Marathon Donations/Gofund Me-$1550

Grand total $71,712

Volume 6 submissions will open in January. We at Distortion and Electronic Saviors would like to thank all of the bands (OVER 400), labels, promoters, magazines and organizers that have supported and helped us in this tremendous endeavor. The future is very bright!

Much Love and Respect,

Sir Jim Semonik, OMS and Chase Dudley


Chicago Industrial Act, Traumabond Joins Distortion Productions!

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Traumabond is a new 3-piece Electro-Industrial act. This project started in late October of 2016 with Matt Flaherty (vocals/synths) and Jenn Jilbert (vocals/guitar). Nicola Palazzo (drums/producer) joined the group in April 2017 and they recorded their first independent EP titled “Scratched Out” in Nicola's Wicker Park studio, Evolution Recording. The band has a unique dynamic not heard much in the current dark music scene. Matt and Jenn trade off aggressive style vocals that complement Nic's bombastic drums and the band's overall dark synth vibe while maintaining a melodic tone as well. 

Traumabond caught the attention of Distortion after their contribution to the Electronic Saviors 5 compilation. The band met with Distortion recently and over some Chicago deep dish, decided that this partnership was a great idea. Their energetic live shows are truly something to behold. Watch for their debut album in 2019 on Distortion Productions, LLC along with a bevy of singles and eps.

TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: @traumabondband 


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Distortion Teams Up With Creamy Rat Studios For Synthcore Dreams Compilation!

Synthcore-Dreams-Volume-01-Promo-Image (1).jpg

Distortion Productions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Creamy Rat Sudios for the new Synthcore Dreams Compilation and Comic Book. Volume One will feature 15 tracks of Industrial Rock and Electro from the legendary acts Chemlab, Hate Dept, Leaether Strip, 16 Volt, Skrew, SMP and Society Burning accompanied by newcomers Centhron, Red Lokust and Microwaved among others. This will be a CD/Comic Book combo pack.  The comic will be a full length issue.

Synthcore Dreams is a comic book that will spread the gospel of industrial music. All profits will benefit Darkest Before Dawn, a suicide prevention charity. It features a tribute to the late great Jamie Duffy and an awesome lineup of participating bands. Synthcore Dreams is a wild post apocalyptic story with lots of action, comedy, tragedy and a little bit of a large helping of craziness!

Release Date: November 9th, 2018

DST 038
VOLUME 1: Record Deal of the Apocalypse
1. Society Burning-Stand in L1ine

2. The Fourth Man-Apocalypse (23AD Mix)

3. 16 Volt-The Electric Pope (Liquid Giraffe Mix)

4. Mortiis-The Punished


6. Leaether Strip-Filling the Graves (En Esch Remix)

7. Hate Dept-Friendless

8. Bloodwire-Alive

9. Chemlab-21 Fear Shot (Instrumental Mix)

10. Red Lokust-Mistakes Were Made (Tragic Impulse Mix)

11. Cyanotic-Salvage the Excess (Noir Edit)

12. Centhron-Elegie

13. Skrew-Christ Crossed

14. Microwaved-The End is Mine (Feat. Douglas Havlik)

15. Rob Robinson-It's Still Your Fault (God Hates Me)

Silver Walks Joins Distortion Productions, LLC!!!

Inhabiting a musical world unapologetically shifting between analog noise, classic WaxTrax!-era electronic music, goth, psychedelia, trance,  synthpop and industrial music, Silver Walks happened almost by accident. Born out of Pennsylvania’s seminal Shadowland Lancaster parties, ringleader and primary songwriter Daniel McCullough’s project has blended emotional songwriting with experimentalism and electronics for the last three years. Its debut single, Tidal, mixes a bittersweet tale of love and loss with melancholy, New Order-style synthpop and a driving electronic beat. McCullough honed his skills spinning at Shadowland Lancaster and as a prolific remixer, working with the likes of Go Fight, Ego Likeness, Panic Lift and FIRES. They’ve also gained a reputation as a compelling live act, sharing stages with the likes of Chemlab, C-Tec, Ego Likeness and Assemblage 23. Their debut EP, Songs Of Love and Hate will be available late 2018, with a debut full-length, Various Positions, out in 2019.


Panic Lift and Red Lokust Join Forces for Exclusive Track, "Constructed Cold" for TFcon Chicago.

"Respect the Prime 2: Tales of the Wrecked" has been in the works at Distortion Productions for a while now and is set for release in the Summer of 2019.  Before we get to that, Distortion will release a 5 song EP exclusively for TFcon Chicago and mail order here at entitled "Constructed Cold".  The title track brings together New Jersey's Panic Lift (Metropolis Records) with Pennsylvania's Red Lokust (Distortion Prod). The song is based on IDW comics "Death of Optimus Prime" one shot and More Than Meets the Eye #1.  The other tracks on the EP will serve as a teaser for the upcoming Respect the Prime album.  Artists include Tragic Impulse, boxed warning, Third Realm, Red Lokust and thoughtForm.  Watch for more news and teases regarding the Constructed Cold EP soon.

Electronic Saviors 5 Release Parties Revealed!

Here is the up to date list of the Electronic Saviors 5 release parties happening.

June 2-Communion After Dark DJ release Show

June 10-San Francisco @ DNA Lounge-Deathline International and Esther Black

June 15-Toronto @ Nocturne-NTTX, Red Lokust, Spider Lilies, Tragic Impulse

June 28-Richmond @ Fallout-Spider Lilies, Tragic Impulse, This Hollow Machine

June 29-Wilmington, DE @ Bar 13-Stoneburner, Spider Lilies, Tragic Impulse, Silver Walks

July 3-Charlottesville @ Goth Night-Red Lokust, Tragic Impulse

July 18-Pittsburgh @ Howler's-Interface, Third Realm, Lorelei Dreaming, Doors in the Labyrinth

July 19-Cleveland @ Symposium-Interface, Red Lokust, Third Realm, Lorelei Dreaming

July 20-Cincinatti @ The Venue Events Center-Interface, Null Device, Spider Lilies, Red Lokust, Boxed Warning, Bloodwerks

July 21-Columbus @ The Shrunken Head-Interface, Spider Lilies, Null Device, Red Lokust, Boxed Warning

Aug 2-Madison-TBA

Sept 13-15 Coldwaves NYC (Vending Only)

Sept 21-23 Coldwaves Chicago (Vending Only)

Sept 27-29 Coldwaves LA (Vending Only)

More shows to be announced.

Electronic Saviors Vol. 5 Remembrance Pre-Order Is Here

When we lose someone close to us, it fills us with a void, an emptiness.  We try to move on in the best way we can.  Sometimes we throw ourselves into the things that we love most.  One of those passions is surely music.  Metropolis Records and Distortion Productions are proud to present the fifth volume in the critically acclaimed Electronic Saviors series, Remembrance.  Cancer survivor and industrial scene promoter and DJ, Jim Semonik has once again joined forces with longtime friend and collaborator, Chase Dudley (boxed warning) to bring together bands and artists from across the broad spectrum of the industrial scene to create this massive compilation album.  Tracks by coldwave and industrial rock greats, Pig, Mindless Faith and 16Volt share the space with newcomers FIRES, Esther Black and Encephalon.  The tracks range from the club friendly future pop of Ashbury Heights to the tribal stylings of Stoneburner to the dark electro of Ludovico Technique and Red Lokust. Once again, the diversity of the industrial scene is on display for all to hear. The 70 track, 4 disc comp with be available digitally from Metropolis Records while the 6 CD, 105 track Premium Edition will be available is a strictly limited edition boxset of 500 copies available at Distortion Productions' website,  The Premium Edition will include all 6 physical discs, wristband, Bumper Sticker and Autographed Postcard.  There will also be, for the first time ever, an Electronic Saviors comic book with companion soundtrack sold separately.  More details on that will be released closer to release date. Everybody has lost someone to cancer or knows someone that has.  Listen to this album and let them live on in your memories.  Let us give our lost ones the Remembrance they deserve.

Distortion Productions Welcomes Esther Black!

27144351_1827046224026199_57497933_o (1).jpg

We are happy to announce California's own Esther Black has joined the Distortion Productions family.  The album Dark Ways will be released on 04/20/2018.

Crazy, aggressive, dynamic and diverse... Esther Black is an industrial-metal  band created by Erie Loch,  known for his songwriting, studio, remix and video work with bands like Prong, Ministry, Revco, Lords of Acid and Pig and his work with members of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More, Rob Zombie, The Melvins, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy and many more.

Esther Black mixes a wide variety of electronic and acoustic sounds from many genres to create a frenzied mix that's fresh and new, groove-laden and dynamic and punctuated by Erie's incredibly diverse palate of vocal styles and range.

The members of Esther Black have worked together for years as part of bands like Luxt, Wiccid and Blownload, and have toured with and/or opened for the likes of Rammstein, System of a Down, Godsmack, Combichrist, Christian Death, Revco, Thrill Kill Kult, Lords of Acid, Hanzel Und Gretyl and many, many more.

Track List

1. California

2. Dark Ways

3. Devil May Care

4. El Diablo

5. Goat

6. Hymn

7. Little Beast

8. Love It

9. Planet of the Flies

10. Train Wreck

11. Rise

12. Until the Sun Explodes

DST 033