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Ulterior Muses:Electronic Music For Bellydance


Distortion Productions is happy to release a very special compilation curated by professional bellydancer Nephri Sinclair. This body of work was conceived 3 years ago when she called up Distortion owner and Electronic Saviors creator, Jim Semonik and pitched the idea. Having been inspired by Jim's Electronic Saviors series, Nephri wanted to apply her love of electronic music with her craft.

"This compilation was conceived to showcase the ever growing genre of tribal-industrial and its uses for performance. Each band selected has been featured in the belly dance community or has been of particular influence to me. Both belly dance and industrial music are passions of mine, and through this project I hope to share that love with a wider audience."

Exclusive and rare tracks and mixes by Stoneburner, Null Device, iVardensphere, boxed warning, Red Lokust and more flow through this record like a fine wine. Sexy and sensual as well as aggressive and pulsing, Ulterior Muses is a must have for any fan of the art of bellydancing as well as electronic and tribal beats. Artwork and sleeve design was masterfully created by Samantha Johnson of Electronic Saviors fame.

Selling Points:

-Inspired by Electronic Saviors series

-Curated by Professional Bellydancer Nephri Sinclair

-Exclusive Tracks by Stoneburner, iVardensphere, Null Device and More

-Release Parties to be Scheduled

Track list

1. Stoneburner-Caladan Primitive

2. IVardensphere-Kagu-Tsuchi (mythology version)

3. boxed warning-The End of Your Tether

4. Red Lokust-Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Stoneburner Mix)

5. The Labyrinth-Expanse of Black

6. Nathaniel Johnstone Band-Seven Veils (Asgardian Mix by Gentleman Thor)

7. Servitor-Mahgrawa

8. Null Device-Concentric (Wahde Mix)

9. Unwoman-Sirens of Titan (Remix)

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Ulterior cover.jpg