Tragic Impulse-Space Force EP


Space Force is the first single off of Tragic Impulse's upcoming album Echoes of the Unseen on Distortion Productions. It includes the title track from the album plus remixes by Panic Lift, nTTx, Red Lokust and Third Realm. The EP also includes a blistering cover of Beborn Beton's hit "Another World". This physical edition is strictly limited to 66 copies and will only be available on

releases February 15, 2019 


Space Force Written by Paul M. Graham. 
Track 2 Written by Beborn Beton. 
Track 3 Remixed by Panic Lift. 
Track 4 Remixed by Third Realm 
Track 5 Remixed by nTTx 
Track 6 Remixed by Red Lokust and Includes Guest Vox by Jim Semonik

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