Tragic Impulse - Echoes of the Unseen

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The brainchild of EBM/Industrial solo artist Paul M. Graham, Tragic Impulse was born from the ashes of the project Eisengeist. This short lived music-centric project spawned the haunting track Apocalyptic Visions which appeared on the extended version of the Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence compilation. Although satisfied with the Eisengeist project, Paul chose to go in a more club-centric direction and retired the project. Since then, Tragic Impulse has independently released a full length album titled “Machine Parts” which debuted in 2014. They have also appeared on the premium editions of the Electronic Saviors 3 - 5 compilations, contributed to remix EP’s from EBM/Industrial artists such as Interface and Sonik Foundry, and also been featured as one of the “Artists of the Month” on Dark Horizons radio. In 2016, Tragic Impulse began live performances, which met with rave reviews. Future live performances are being planned.

Building upon the success of the 2017 album Devil On Your Shoulder, EBM/Industrial artist Tragic Impulse returns with their third full-length album Echoes Of The Unseen on March 8th, 2019 on Distortion Productions LLC. The album features the hard-hitting beat-driven tracks Space Force, Skin Deep and Electro Anarchy, as well as more synth dominated standouts such as Paper Hearts and the somber track, Home. The album shows a maturity in Tragic Impulse's music and promises to have something for even the most discerning Industrial fan. The first single Space Force will release digitally in advance of the album and will include remixes by established EBM/Industrial artists (TBA).

  1. Unseen

  2. Space Force

  3. Skin Deep

  4. Paper Hearts

  5. Electro Anarchy

  6. Flatline

  7. The Game

  8. Home

  9. Down in Flames

  10. Painbringer

  11. The Final Hour