Null Device - Line of Sight CD (Pre Order for 10/11)


Now in their 3rd decade, Null Device has been producing electronic pop - or at least, that’s what they tell people. In truth, they’ve never been quite that straightforward. They’ve always kept pop hooks and big synth riffs at their core, but they’ve also written songs in Arabic and count a cellist among their full-time members.

Described by the press as “buoyant,” “sleek,” and “textured,” Null Device pulls in a lot of different influences. There’s of course 80’s synthpop, but also a love for reverb-soaked shoegaze, jangly dreampop, Madchester-era dance-rock, and even the occasional dose of ebullient Bollywood. Their music is cohesive enough that the listener can move from one song to the next without getting cognitive whiplash, yet diverse enough to appeal to anyone from millennial chillwavers to gen-X rave kids to old-school goths.

Line of Sight is their strongest album to date and perhaps even the angriest. A reflection of the times we live in, Line of Sight deals with concepts of the beautiful and ugly in the most charismatic of ways. This makes for one hell of a seventh record. Null Device shows no signs of slowing down and will only grow from here.


1. Run

2. The Smallest Thing

3. And I Fall

4. Peripheral Vision

5. So Bizarre

6. Let You In

7 Four Lines Across the Moon

8. Close Tonight

9. Heartbeat in the Noise

10. Skaftafell

11. Last Call To December

12. In Love With The Bad Idea of You

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