En Esch - Trash Chic


HE'S BACK!!!  After a very successful return with his previous album Spänk, En Esch strikes back with TRASH CHIC.  THRASH CHIC is En Esch's 3rd solo album and second for the Distortion Productions, LLC label.  After the release of Spänk, Esch hit the road in 2015 and brought his larger than life live show to many major cities across North America.  Upon returning home, he immediately started work on TRASH CHIC. 

And now, not 2 years after Spänk hit the streets, TRASH CHIC is being unleashed. This album includes a special appearance by the genius ex-KMFDM guitar player Guenter Schulz, more collaborations with Trixie Reiss (Crystal Method) and plenty of very well-known friends of En Esch. 

This Autumn, En Esch will hit the road yet again on a major tour with former KMFDM bandmate Raymond Watts AKA Pig!  Make sure you catch En Esch in your city as it is a show not to be missed.


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