Am Tierpark - Uncaged


The brainchild of John Mirland & Claus Larsen Both bandmembers share the love for pure melodic synth based music and the classic synths. On a fine and sunny spring day April 9th 2015 while walking and chatting about music and watching the animals in Berlin Tierpark we formed Am TierparkAm Tierpark in english means "At the ZOO". Am Tierpark creates music that is not overproduced or drenched in effects. We want to treat the listener with crystal clear sounds, melodies and lyrics and we are heavily inspired by the 80's melancholic synthpop sound. The making of our debut album "Uncaged" has been an amazing ride and we are truly musical soulmates. This is not a sideproject, this is a "real" band. We hope to start playing concerts in the near future and who doesn't love a good melody? 

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Track list: 

1. A Step Too Far 2. No One Can Be Changed 3. I’ve Had Enough 4. The First Stone 5. Indestructible 6. The World Will Smile At Me 7. Lost In Flesh 8. A Love Forbidden 9. Sleeping Gods 10. The Shadows Won’t Hide Us Tonight 11. Tension 12. Not That Kinda Guy 13. Sensitive 14. Going Home 15. Walk This Earth

Total Running Time: 70 minutes