Dope Stars Inc.

Hailing from Rome, Italy, industrial rock powerhouse Dope Stars Inc. (DSI) formed in 2003. The band blends a variety of musical and image influences, ranging from Finnish glam rock à la HIM to industrial metal outfit Front Line Assembly, to produce their brand of catchy, EBM-laced electro rock. And catchy they have been since the beginning, when they stormed the international music scene with their debut10.000 Watts of Artificial Pleasures—a self-produced EP which quickly sold out and led to DSI’s signing with Trisol Music Group.

Since then, DSI has released five LPs and two additional EPs on labels such as Metropolis Records and Deathwatch Asia, including 2015’s TeraPunk, enthusiastically released in the U.S. by Distortion Productions. They’ve also enjoyed an abundance of mainstream success: DSI has played alongside acts such as Apoptygma Berserk and Faderhead; has been on the bill for festivals such as M'era Luna and Infest; has been featured on three Saw movie soundtracks; has remixed or been remixed by the likes of Angelspit, The Birthday Massacre, and Emilie Autumn; and has won numerous awards, including Sonic Seducer Magazine’s Newcomer of the Month award in 2005.

The band currently consists of founding vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Victor Love, guitarist Fabrice LaNuit, bassist Darin Yevonde, live keyboardist Ash Rexy, and live drummer Andreas DeLorean. Together they continue to unleash their dystopian cyberpunk themes on the world, decrying humanity’s slavery to technology, where there’s “no more space for your personal view.”