Eight years ago, Chase Dudley lived in Maryland in by himself. Music had always been an interest of his, so he splurged and bought himself a keyboard. His time spent messing around with it would ultimately evolve into the experimental electronic ambient project boxed warning.

After Chase moved to Pittsburgh, he met Jim Semonik, who eventually asked for a demo. After delivering a whopping 17 tracks, Chase developed a live band to play his very first show. However, after a second show opening for Funker Vogt solidified Chase’s idea of boxed warning, and he went solo from there.

Since then, boxed warning has shared the stage with Assemblage 23, Psyclon 9, and Seabound, among many other heavy-hitters. Though Chase has taken time to assist in the development of each volume of Electronic Saviors, boxed warning released its first full-length, Magnifier, in early 2013. He followed with the I Have Been Terrible EP in 2015.

boxed warning is more than just a musical project—it’s also an ever-evolving must-see live experience. Its performances transcend mere aural stimulation and overflow with lighting experiments and mind-bending video projections that bring the music to life. And considering the project’s next phase is to play more live shows, make sure you catch the audio-visual conglomeration that is boxed warning!