Respect the Prime: Convention Edition Announced with Artwork by IDW Comics Talent!

Last year's popular tribute compilation Respect the Prime is getting a face lift.  As a thank you to the wonderful fans and supporters, Distortion Productions has enlisted the amazing talent of IDW Comics' Nick Roche and colorist Josh Perez for a truly stunning new package.  The new CD, which will be available exclusively at TFcon Toronto (July 14-16) and TFcon DC (Sept 29-Oct 1) as well as Dark Side of the Con 2 (March 16-18 in 2018) will contain 2 BRAND NEW bonus tracks from the band thoughtForm, new liner notes and artwork. For those that are unfamiliar, Respect the Prime came out last Summer for the 30th anniversary of the 1986 animated movie. It included licensed cover songs of the original Transformers: The Movie soundtrack by such bands as Xenturion Prime, Bella Morte, Caustic, Ghostfeeder, Victor Love and more. This cd will be a physical only, limited to 300 copies release strictly for the fans and proceeds will be donated to cancer research.  A very limited amount will be available right here on the Distortion website for non attendees while supplies last.  A special tour edition t shirt will also be made.

Since it's inception, the Electronic Saviors series has raised nearly 60K for various cancer charities and suffering individuals worldwide.  Distortion Productions is proud to have Nick and Josh on board so let's give a little background on these gentlemen.  Ireland's Nick Roche has been a staple of the Transformers comics since very early on in IDW's license of the brand.  He co wrote (with TF: More Than Meets the Eye/Lost Light scribe James Roberts) the fan favorite Last Stand of the Wreckers and the sequel series Sins of the Wreckers. Nick is responsible for the artwork as well in those titles and is also responsible for the early designs of the More Than Meets the Eye series along with fellow artist Alex Milne. He has also done work for Marvel Comics including but not limited to the Death's Head one shot that was part of the Revolutionary War crossover. He also worked on the independent title: Monster Motors.

Josh Perez is a vet in Transformers comics and has been coloring them all the way back to when Dreamwave had the license.  He currently is working on a Rom/Transformers limited series for IDW due this Summer and you can see his amazing work all across the IDW continuity, most notably his long run on the Robots in Disguise series.  Josh is an incredible talent and we are so happy to have worked with him.

Lastly, Distortion's own graphics guru, Jason Wolf in on design duties and has put together a truly breath taking package.  Jason has been the face of Distortion Productions for many years including concert fliers and the previous Respect the Prime CD package.

Pre orders for attendees and non attendees will begin shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled.  We have also put a little surprise in the liner notes mentioning a special announcement about the future of Respect the Prime.  Thank you to all the bands and artists involved with this wonderful project.  It's only the beginning.  Till All Are One!

Distorted Summer Nights Mini Tour Announced!!

Several Distortion Productions artists will be hitting the road for a short but intense mini tour in mid August.  Null Device, Spider Lilies and Red Lokust will be playing all of the dates while Boxed Warning will open Columbus and Pittsburgh and Tragic Impulse will be doing the other 3 dates. The final date has yet to be announced.  We are all very excited to see everyone on the road.

Distortion Productions, LLC Signs Buffalo's Third Realm!

Distortion is so happy to announce the addition of Third Realm to the family.  The new album will drop in July! Third Realm's The Suffering Angel marks Distortion's 30th release!

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Third Realm is the eclectic dark electronic project founded by Nathan Reiner in 2000.  Heavily influenced by Dark Wave and Industrial artists, Reiner puts his own twist on things demonstrating strong production skills, clever songwriting and meaningful lyrics. Third Realm has received international recognition through club/radio play, film placement and has shared the stage with some notable bands such as Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes, Voltaire, Aesthetic Perfection, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Seabound, Panic Lift, Surgyn, Architect, VOWWS & more!  Reiner is joined by Arrow Fitzgibbon & Mike Reiner for live performances.  

"The Suffering Angel" is the ninth full length release from Third Realm.  The album starts off incorporating elements that haven't been heard since the release of "Love is the Devil".  The unhinged aggrotech approach is soon followed by a mixture of driving Industrial patterns, EBM basslines and Dark Wave morbidness.  As Third Realm is known to do, the album invokes a strange balance between hope and sadness.  There is something raw, gritty, yet refined about these tracks.


1. Prisoners of Life
2. Bringer of Evil
3. Last One Standing
4. Command and Conquer    
5. Neon Lights
6. Behold the Dreamers
7. The Suffering Angel
8. Longing for the Past
9. Wake Up
10. Indigo
11. Black Hearts
12. Closing Time
13. The Plague Doctor
14. Command and Conquer (Tragic Impulse Remix)
15. Somber Reflections

Electronic Saviors 5: Remembrance Announced! Submissions Officially Open!

Hi all!  After a tremendous 2016 and 12k donation, we are happy to open submissions for Electronic Saviors 5: Remembrance.  This release will focus on all of our fallen loved ones and will be dedicated to them.  Submissions are open from now until December of this year.  Head on over to for the whole story and submission guidelines. 

Jim and Chase would like to thank everyone involved with the past compilations and tours.  ES has involved over 300 bands worldwide and the project is only growing.  Nearly 60K has been raised for various charities and individuals.  We welcome any electronic band to sumbit!


The Electronic Saviors Team!

Am Tierpark Premiere Brand New Video for Cherry Blossom to Accompany Vinyl Release!

Am Tierpark (Claus Larsen and John Mirland) have released their new video for Cherry Blossom to coincide with the release of the Cherry Blossom EP on vinyl.  The release is limited to just 300 copies in Blue, Pink and Red and available through Distortion Productions, LLC.  All links appear below.  Enjoy!

Video Directed by John R. Mirland & Claus Larsen Music: John R. Mirland Words/voice: Claus Larsen

Limited to 300 copies.  Order here:



Electronic Saviors Donates $12,000 to Charities and Individuals!!

The Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer anthology series has been an important part of Distortion Productions for the past 6 years.  It is with great pleasure that we announce 4 donations totaling $12,000 to benefit cancer research and those individuals affected by this terrible disease.  Electronic Saviors and Distortion Productions thanks everyone involved for helping this endeavor.  Our gratitude goes out to Metropolis Records and all the bands, artists, labels and engineers involved.  We are truly nothing without you.  Submissions for volume 5, entitled Remembrance, will open on January 2nd, 2017 with a release date of June 2018.  Thanks to everyone who has supported the Electronic Saviors 4 release and tour shows as well as the Respect the Prime spinoff release.  There will be a special convention edition of Respect the Prime with new art, bonus tracks and more this summer for the TFcon events.  The first pressing is almost sold out.  There will also be future spinoff albums including a Respect the Prime 2 and a Crow soundtrack in 2018/2019.

Here is the breakdown of the donations given:

$5,000 given to Our Clubhouse ( in loving memory of Blayne Alexander.

$5,000 given to the University of Pittsburgh/Dr. David Medich/Colon Cancer Research in loving memory of Corey Devlin.

$1,000 given to the gofundme campaign for Patricia Stevens who is currently struggling with cancer.

$1,000 given to the gofundme campaign for Rik Milhouse who is currently struggling with cancer.

See you next time!


Jim, Chase and the Electronic Saviors team

Am Tierpark to Release 12" Cherry Blossom EP Color Vinyl with Distortion Productions, LLC!

Claus Larsen and John Mirland are quite the busy fellows. After a tremendous debut release with "Uncaged" in 2015, the boys are back with a strictly limited 4 song vinyl EP. Simply titled "Cherry Blossom", the EP continues their love of 80's influenced modern synthpop. All 4 tracks were recorded specially for this vinyl release and will appear on blue, red and pink vinyl. Each color will be limited to 100 copies.

To say that these boys are constantly in the studio is an understatement. John and Claus share such a natural chemistry with each other. When the boys aren't creating with their other projects, Mirland and Leather Strip respectively, they are always writing for Am Tierpark. The title track Cherry Blossom, is rife with an amazingly catchy chorus and fantastic songwriting. However, the title track does not overshadow the 3 other tracks on the EP. The track "I Can't Stop" ends the EP with a wonderful melody not unlike 80's groups Erasure and Pet Shop Boys. The Cherry Blossom EP is essential listening for any fan of electronic music, especially those folks from the 80's.

Release Date: Dec. 9th, 2016

Electronic Saviors and Distortion Productions Bring Respect the Prime to TFcon Chicago!

Good news for Transformers fans in the Chicago area.  TFcon Chicago is happening from October 21st-23rd.  It is the largest fan run Transformers con in the country.  Distortion Productions is so excited to bring the new Electronic Saviors release: Respect the Prime:1986 Revisited to the con. Respect the Prime is the tribute album to the 1986 Transformers animated movie and features amazing cover songs by Xenturion Prime, Bella Morte, Deathproof/Red Lokust, The Dark Clan, am.psych, Caustic, Ghostfeeder and more. Proceeds are being donated to cancer research. We will be vending this new release and other Electronic Saviors merch all weekend and will participate in a panel on Friday night at 8PM.  Jim Semonik and Emily Kirkpatrick of Distortion Productions will be doing a special Q & A and playing clips from the album for the crowd.  We hope to see your smiling robot faces.  Also, Casey W. Coller of IDW Comics fame and penciler and inker on Respect the Prime will be in the artist alley all weekend doing commissions and signing autographs.  Stop by his table and grab a print or poster as well. See you all in Chicago.  Till All Are One!

Tragic Impulse joins the Distortion Productions, LLC family!

Distortion Productions, LLC is proud to announce the signing of Pittsburgh EBM artist Tragic Impulse.

The new album Devil on Your Shoulder will be released in early winter.


Tragic Impulse Bio

The brainchild of EBM/Industrial solo artist Paul M. Graham, Tragic Impulse was born from the ashes of the project Eisengeist. This short lived music-centric project spawned the haunting track Apocalyptic Visions which appeared on the extended version of the Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence compilation. Although satisfied with the Eisengeist project, Paul chose to go in a more club-centric direction and retired the project. Since then, Tragic Impulse has independently released a full length album titled “Machine Parts” which debuted in 2014. They have also appeared on the premium editions of the Electronic Saviors 3 & 4 compilations, contributed to remix EP’s from EBM/Industrial artists such as Interface and Sonik Foundry, and also been featured as one of the “Artists of the Month” on Dark Horizons radioIn 2016, Tragic Impulse began live performances, which met with rave reviews. Future live performances are being planned.  


Devil on Your Shoulder Album

Building upon the success of Machine Parts, Tragic Impulse’s sophomore album Devil on Your Shoulder represents a significant evolution in sound for the projectThe album is unapologetically club-friendly and is highlighted by heavy beats, catchy hooks, and lyrical exploration that focuses significantly on the darker side of the human condition. Slated for release at the beginning of 2017, Devil on Your Shoulder promises to keep you stomping! 


"Devil on Your ShoulderTracklist 

  1. Hindsight 

  1. Flesh and Blood 

  1. Body Talk 

  1. The Fear 

  1. Razorblade 

  1. Devil On Your Shoulder 

  1. Evolution Revolution 

  1. Expectations 

  1. Lightspeed 

  1. Chain Reaction


Paul M. Graham: All programming, lyrics, and vocals 

Artwork: Byron Winton 

Electronic Saviors and Distortion Productions to vend at Coldwaves 5!!

Hi all!  We are very happy to announce that we will be making the trek to Chicago this weekend to vend at Coldwaves 5.  We will have limited copies of the Electronic Saviors 4: Premium Edition as well as the ultra limited En Esch/Am Tierpark split 7" vinyl.  We are honored to be vending at this event.  Big thanks to the Novak family for having us.  We are so excited to see Cubanate, Clock DVA, 16 Volt, Pig and so many others  Come check us out in the Smart Bar.  We will have lots of merch for purchase.  See y'all in Chi town!

Stoneburner Tour Dates


8/5 Aurelio Voltaire/ Stoneburner, Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD

8/6 Voltaire/ Stoneburner/ Becoming the Devourer/ PreCog, Foobar, Nashville TN

8/7 Voltaire/ DJ Steven Archer, The Crack Fox, St Louis MO

8/8 Voltaire/ Stoneburner, Dark Heartland @ Prohibition Hall, Kansas City MO

8/9 Voltaire/ Stoneburner/ DJ Païen, Dark Tuesdays, Denver CO

8/11 Voltaire/ Stoneburner, Club X, Salt Lake City UT

8/13 DJ Steven Archer (+ vending), The Mercury, Seattle WA

8/14 Voltaire/ Stoneburner, Star Theatre, Portland OR

8/16-8/23 Gothsicles/ Stoneburner, The Gothic Cruise, Seattle WA, Alaska, Victoria BC

8/27 Stoneburner/ Rocket Doll Review/ Gogo McGregor, The Crack Fox, St Louis MO

8/28 Stoneburner/ Becoming the Devourer, The Shrunken Head, Columbus OH