Tenek - What Kind Of Friend? EP (Digital)


This EP grabs you immediately by showcasing the bigger and bolder sounds that have been coming from Tenek’s studio as they continued to build a new foundation for their third album, Smoke and Mirrors. Always trying new ideas, which include brilliant collaborations to their repertoire, Tenek manages to create a new vibe with their music that appeals to a diverse worldwide fan base.

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Track List:

1. What Kind of Friend? - Radio Edit
2. What Kind of Friend? - Grayed Out Remix (Remixed by Andy Gray)
3. What Kind of Friend? - Miami Odyssey Synthporn Mix (Remixed by Martin Swan/Vile Electrodes)
4. Sombre Friday - Alternate Mix (Remixed by Geoff Pinckney)

Digital download files compressed as high quality AAC 320 kbps Stereo 44.100kHz Variable Bit Rate.