Respect the Prime: Constructed Cold EP (TFcon Exclusive)

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Distortion Productions and Electronic Saviors are proud to present the first limited edition EP in the Respect the Prime series: Constructed Cold! This very special EP brings together bands from New Jersey and Pittsburgh to craft a very fitting tribute to the Transformers comic books published by IDW Publishing. Each band had an assignment. They were to read a story from the comics then write a song about it. Constructed Cold serves as a teaser for the full length Respect the Prime LP coming next summer. From the title track “Constructed Cold” by Panic Lift featuring Red Lokust to Tragic Impulse’s dance floor filler “Killswitch” to the brilliant soundtrack laden, Vince DiCola Inspired thoughtForm take on “The Empyrean Suite”, this EP offers a killer variety of electro industrial music. Distortion acts Boxed Warning and Red Lokust created pieces based on the work of James Roberts while Doors in the Labyrinth does a somber track about one of the Marvel/IDW comics’ unsung heroes, Scrounge! With a lovely retro logo digipack designed by the talented Jason Wolf, and mastering by Eric Oehler’s Submersible Studios, this is a must have.

This release was custom built for TFCON (the largest fan run Transformers conventions in the U.S.) and will be exclusively available at the Distortion Productions booth. For those not going, it is available here!

Respect the Prime: Constructed Cold will get stuck in your head till we unleash the full length next year. You will still be chanting “WE ARE FORGED, WE ARE CONSTRUCTED COLD!”

Proceeds will be donated to cancer research.


  1. Panic Lift Featuring Red Lokust-Constructed Cold

  2. Tragic Impulse-Killswitch (Luna 1 Mix)

  3. thoughtForm-The Empyrean Suite

  4. Doors in the Labyrinth-Scrounge’s Lament

  5. boxed warning-Losing the Light

  6. Red Lokust-Letters From Grindcore