Stoneburner - On the Folding of Space (Digital)


The time has come to fold space! Stoneburner takes you on another Dune inspired journey through cosmic realms. On the Folding of Space is the fourth full length from Steven Archer (Ego Likeness) and his tribal electronic funhouse. Stoneburner has relentlessly toured in the past few years across North America, delighting audiences with his lively performances involving bellydancers and psychedelic projection. Usually Steven will choose local belly dance troupes to join him in whatever city he performs and has played bigger bellydance festivals. Distortion Productions has released the three previous albums, The No Chamber, Songs in the Key of Arrakis, and The Mouse Shadow to very favorable reviews in the electronic scene. Stoneburner fuses traditional organic instruments and vocals from all over the world with modern electronic dance music in an attempt to tap into Dune’s technological-tribal aesthetic. 


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Track List:
01. The New Sisterhood

02. Awareness Spectrum Narcotic

03. Ascension of House Atreides
04. The Shere Block
05. The Water of Life
06. The Coronation of Leto

07. The Subtle Bodies of Alam al-Mithal
08. IV Anubas
09. Chaumas

10. Byzantium
11. Song of Sayyadinas 12. Prayer to the Empress Consort


Compressed with AAC format: Bit rate: 128kbs Sample rate: 44.100kHz