boxed warning - Magnifier (Digital)


Magnifier signifies a turning point in the development of the boxed warning project.  As the first signed release of the project I wanted to encapsulate the years of developing the live show with the challenge of presenting it in a album form.  

Track list, preview, and more information in additional info.

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Additional Info

boxed warning is the solo project of electronic musician, Chase Dudley.  Chase helped co produce the Electronic Saviors compilations and is set to release his debut album, Magnifier on Jim Semonik's Distortion Productions label.  boxed warning has gathered a cult following with his unique blend of experimental dance music and has often been compared to acts like Download or Autechre.  The project started in 2008 as an outlet for making a link between an audio and visual art while Chase was going to school at Pittsburgh's Art Institute.  Chase's live shows are an intense visual presentation and should definitely be experienced.  Magnifier was mastered by Da5id Din (Informatik/Corrosive Audio) and takes you on a sonic journey through the mind.  

  1.  Kiss Of The Sun
  2.  Deconstructivists
  3.  Broken Linchpin
  4.  The Architects Will Drown
  5.   Lost
  6.   Sleep Of Reason
  7.   Produces Monsters
  8.   Eyeless
  9.   Brutalists
  10.   Purely Tactical
  11.   Venus (In Transition)
  12.   Non Existent Silence
  13.   I Lack What You Need (2011 Version)

Compressed with AAC format: Bit rate: 128kbs Sample rate: 44.100kHz