Seabound's Speak in Storms Tour Is Coming to Pittsburgh!

In exactly one week, Distortion Productions proudly welcomes Seabound back to Pittsburgh after seven years!

The synthpop giant will play The Rex Theater next Thursday, April 2, to kick off Distortion's Spring 2015 live show season. Joined by Architect (the side project from Haujobb's Daniel Myer) and Null Device, Distortion's own boxed warning will open the show. Guest DJ Eric Eldredge of Interface is also on the bill.

Speaking of boxed warning, this show will be the release party for the project's new EP, I Have Been Terrible, due out April 14.

So join us as we celebrate our third release of the year and kick off what's sure to be an incredible show season!

This show is all-ages and doors open at 8 p.m.  You'll pay $25 at the door to get in, but you can purchase an advance ticket here on the website for only $20! Hey, that extra $5 can go toward some sweet merch!

For more information or to RSVP and let us know you're coming, check out the event page on Facebook. See you there!


En Esch and Dope Stars Inc. Pittsburgh Release Party Tomorrow!

Join Distortion Productions as we celebrate the recent release of En Esch’s SPÄNK! and Dope Stars Inc.’s Terapunk at Pittsburgh’s Hanging Garden goth/industrial dance night!

Tomorrow night, March 14, join us at Cattivo in Lawrenceville from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Our own DJ Hiem will spin alongside HG’s DJ Havok, making it impossible for you to stay off the dance floor! But when you do take a break to hit the bar, be sure to stop by our merch table and grab releases from En Esch, Dope Stars Inc., Spider Lilies, Stoneburner, boxed warning, and Shutterdown. We’ll even have some of the coveted Dope Stars Inc. t-shirts and copies of Electronic Saviors available!

Check out the event page on Facebook for more information. And if you can’t make it out to dance your ass off with us, be sure to pick up something from our store to make it up to yourself!

Electronic Saviors Announcement!!

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!!! First off, thank you all for your support of the Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer project. We are pleased to announce the we have donated 10K to Our Clubhouse (Formerly Gilda's Club of Western PA) which brings the total donated by the project to over 43K. This is a huge achievement for the project and we are touched that you guys have helped make this happen.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! We got word from the lovely folks over at Metropolis Records that another check is coming that will be for about 9K and will put the grand total raised over $50,000.00. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are thrilled at this news!

OH, BUT THERE IS MORE!!!! We'd like to announce that Saviors will continue in the form of ELECTRONIC SAVIORS 4: RETALIATION!!!!!! Metropolis is kind enough to stay on board with us and release this in June of 2016. Of course the usual premium edition will apply and submissions will open immediately. Just follow the rules over at when you are ready!! We will have them up soon!

Again, thanks for all the love and support and keep fighting!

Much love and respect,
-Jim and Chase

We Did It!

Thanks to you, we achieved our goal of at least 10 preorders for the Dope Stars Inc. t-shirt/Terapunk CD bundles! We wouldn’t have been able to produce these rare shirts without your initial support. Now it’s on because of you!

We’ve already ordered the "Drop Dead Gorgeous Prozac Addicted" tees from Pittsburgh’s own Commonwealth Press. We’ll begin shipping them next week, just in time for the official Terapunk release date on March 10th!

Haven’t ordered yours yet? What are you waiting for?! This exclusive reprint is limited to only 50 worldwide. Visit our store to order yours now, or risk forever missing out on this piece of Dope Stars Inc. history!

And while you're anxiously awaiting your package to arrive, check out the new Dope Stars Inc. video for "Many Thanks" below!


Was the tagline on the very first Dope Stars Inc. t-shirts back in the day. Only 20 of these awesome tees were ever made. Distortion Productions is pumped to team up with Dope Stars Inc. for an exclusive reprint celebrating their latest release, available as a physical CD, a CD/T-shirt bundle, and now a digital download in the store.  

Distortion Productions Unveils New Website

To kick off 2015, Distortion Productions’ own Late Night Wizard of Technical Things, Chase Dudley, infiltrated many a technical thing through untold late nights to upgrade Distortion’s internet presence. The new website features a crisp, streamlined interface which is responsive across multiple platforms—so if you’re on the go, you can swiftly preorder your favorite artist’s next album or discover Distortion's new digital downloads without hassle using your tablet or smartphone. And speaking of purchasing, remember that shady old checkout process that made you feel like you were buying illicit goods out of someone’s trunk? Well, you can still buy out of Jim Semonik’s trunk, but now you can also shop on the website with the added enjoyment and sense of security provided by Distortion’s sleek, seamless new web store.

The new website also promises a multitude of bonus features, just like your favorite superhero movies. Check back for Catalog, Distortion’s upcoming podcast promoting the label’s new releases. Though you’ll have to BYOB, Jim, Chase, and the occasional special guest are sure to become your virtual new best friends as they blast your eardrums with tantalizing musical previews and potentially kill some of your brain cells with their sporadic nonsensical banter. You can also count on a veritable smorgasbord of new content, including:

  • reviews of Distortion’s albums and live shows (unbiased, we promise);

  • propaganda on the label’s artists (also unbiased, we pretend to promise);

  • news about freshly-signed artists, upcoming shows, and anticipated releases (enticing, we promise);

  • ramblings about whatever we want because it’s our website and we’re allowed to ramble about whatever we want (educational, we promise); and

  • actual biographies of the Distortion Productions team (nearly-accurate ones at that, we promise).

See? We told you the website is full of promises! So go forth, ye denizens of the interwebz, and explore everything Distortion Productions has to offer. Let us know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions using our spiffy new Contact Us page. Join us, because we’re proud to join you in the 21st century.